Digital Design | Kupa Creative Academy

The Digital Design Professional Diploma by Kupa Creative Group, is a course for practising media, advertising creative directors and entrepreneurs that want to enhance their design skills in a fast-growing business world because of digital media for businesses and consumers.

A Digital Designer is the one that creates all digital marketing literature. Kupa Creative Group offers this Digital Design Professional Diploma, strictly for Creative Directors and entrepreneurs, giving them “cheat codes” to a creative life on digital media that includes Web Design, Graphic Design, Animation, Audio-visual, Social Media, and Copywriting for Advertising.

Digital design is prevalent in many areas of everyday life. It has been used in developing animations for computer games or movies, the creation of a logo or website, design plans for a new building, vehicle or product, as well as the editing and manipulation of videos and photographs. 

Digital Design has invaded daily advertising life, and is evolving at a rate that the Creative Director must know more than was required a decade ago. 

There are several advertising agencies in Zimbabwe, Zambia, and South Africa whose Creative Directors have been trained since 2014. These creative directors are owners of agencies that handle small and large businesses in several African cities. 

Kupa Creative Group uses this course to recruit agents in these markets, all working to serve the group’s network of clients.